We are Israelis and Palestinians who meet to encounter the other in our full humanity.

The purpose of the Sulha is to end conflict and hostility among people so that they may conduct their relationships in peace and amity. Islamic law (Sharia)

God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them. (Genesis 1:27)

Any political future must address the human needs of both sides, We at Sulha stand on the front lines of the struggle to return decency and compassion to our shared land.
Once every month or two, we hold "Tribal Fires" in which 50-150 Palestinians and Israelis gather to reach beyond arguments and political posturing to the essential humanity longing to be heard. We pray and sing together, we enjoy a meal and quiet informal time, and we work in listening circles, creating a quality of awareness and attention to the other sorely lacking in our respective societies.

Says Muneer, "My image of the Jewish people was that they are my enemy and want to kill me no matter what. Now I like to build relationships with those people, and work together on changing each side's hostile perception of the other side."

If there was ever a call for the work of Sulha, that call is resounding now!
To get a feel for the work of Sulha, please take ten minutes to watch this 10-minute Sulha film.

"It was wonderful! I want to bring my wife to the next event. We must continue with this!"  Arafat – Nablus (West bank)
"I met at the fire a dream realizing itself. I have been wanting to be part of something like this for a long while" Moshe –Beit El (Jewish Settlement)